Only Box Magazine m249.

You have to have it: KIT Box Magazine m249 

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    Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd )
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    700.00 gr

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Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd )

What we made and what wanted to achieve. 

1) Fast replacement of a box on time - practically as change of normal Magazine. 

2) Lack of wires outside of a box and connectors which need to be disconnected when changing a box. 

3) Lack of the flexible line, a hose which often leads to BBs jamming

4) Ease of dismantling

5) The strengthened motor with a reducer.

6) The feed gear from aluminum cnc.

7) Speed control of giving of spheres.

8) Automatic feed and work of a box.

9) Convenience of a charge of BBs.
10) The feed rate of balls is 11.1 to 2400 balls per minute.

11) Modularity of the platform of a box: we can improve at any time and also change construction and release completions and updates.

Joe P / 04/11/2019
So in addition to this box magazine you will need the magazine adapter to go into the gun?

Kit Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd )!!!!!
Wronski-PGABP / 10/09/2019

Do you plan to add small addition to be able to attach fake ammo belt?

fake ammo belt ?
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Mathijs / 23/08/2019
Hello, can you fit this to a Polarstar F2 m249? If so how do you wire it in. Do you just use the extra port on the FCU?
See picture

just use the extra port on the FCU
We used to do that before.
Now we are doing differently.
More convenient and reliable.

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Rowan kemp / 13/08/2019
Hello does this box mag fit a classic army and A&k m249? Does it also work with your hop up for m249 as i want to buy both.
NO problem classic army
Danny Kolasko / 23/05/2019
What RPM are these motors rated for? I have a high RPS setup and i'm curious as to motor speed you selected for this mag. I see you cant purchase this reduction motor up to 855 rpm at 12VDC.
300 RPM
11.1v speed 2400+ bbs

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