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    Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd )
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Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd )

What we made and what wanted to achieve. 

1) Fast replacement of a box on time - practically as change of normal Magazine. 

2) Lack of wires outside of a box and connectors which need to be disconnected when changing a box. 

3) Lack of the flexible line, a hose which often leads to BBs jamming

4) Ease of dismantling

5) The strengthened motor with a reducer.

6) The feed gear from aluminum cnc.

7) Speed control of giving of spheres.

8) Automatic feed and work of a box.

9) Convenience of a charge of BBs.

10) Modularity of the platform of a box: we can improve at any time and also change construction and release completions and updates.

Rowan kemp / 13/08/2019
Hello could I buy this box mag with it modded to a deans connector so I can run a lipo battery straight into the box rather than wiring it into the gun?
The battery must be in the machine gun.

We will be making a new version soon.
the battery will be in MAG

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